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ccApplyTransformationDlg Class Reference

Dialog to input a 4x4 matrix. More...

#include <ccApplyTransformationDlg.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ccApplyTransformationDlg (QWidget *parent=0)
 Default constructor.
ccGLMatrix getTransformation () const
 Returns input matrix.

Protected Slots

void checkMatrixValidityAndAccept ()
 Checks matrix validity and 'accept' dialog if ok.
void onMatrixTextChange ()
 Automatically removes anything between square brackets, and update the other forms.
void onRotAngleValueChanged (double)
 Updates dialog when a component of the rotation axis/angle form changes.
void onEulerValueChanged (double)
 Updates dialog when a component of the euleur form changes.

Protected Member Functions

void updateAll (const ccGLMatrix &mat, bool textForm=true, bool axisAngleForm=true, bool eulerForm=true)
 Updates all forms with a given matrix.

Detailed Description

Dialog to input a 4x4 matrix.

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