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ccClippingBoxTool Class Reference

Dialog for managing a clipping box. More...

#include <ccClippingBoxTool.h>

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Public Slots

void toggleInteractors (bool)

Public Member Functions

 ccClippingBoxTool (QWidget *parent)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~ccClippingBoxTool ()
 Default destructor.
virtual bool linkWith (ccGLWindow *win)
 Links the overlay dialog with a MDI window. More...
virtual bool start ()
 Starts process. More...
virtual void stop (bool state)
 Stops process/dialog. More...
const ccClipBox * box () const
 Returns box.
bool setAssociatedEntity (ccHObject *anObject)
 Sets the 'clipped' entity. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ccOverlayDialog
 ccOverlayDialog (QWidget *parent=0)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~ccOverlayDialog ()
virtual void reject ()
void addOverridenShortcut (Qt::Key key)
 Adds a keyboard shortcut (single key) that will be overridden from the associated window. More...

Protected Slots

void editBox ()
void reset ()
void closeDialog ()
void extractContour ()
void removeLastContour ()
void exportCloud ()
void exportMultCloud ()
void onBoxModified (const ccBBox *box)
void thicknessChanged (double)
void shiftXMinus ()
void shiftXPlus ()
void shiftYMinus ()
void shiftYPlus ()
void shiftZMinus ()
void shiftZPlus ()
void setFrontView ()
void setBottomView ()
void setTopView ()
void setBackView ()
void setLeftView ()
void setRightView ()
- Protected Slots inherited from ccOverlayDialog
virtual void onLinkedWindowDeletion (QObject *object=0)
 Slot called when the linked window is deleted (calls 'onClose')

Protected Member Functions

void extractSlicesAndContours (bool extractSlices, bool extractContours, bool singleContourMode)
 Extracts slices and/or contours.
void shiftBox (unsigned char dim, bool minus)
 Shift box.
void setView (CC_VIEW_ORIENTATION orientation)
 Sets predefined view.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ccOverlayDialog
bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *e)

Protected Attributes

ccClipBox * m_clipBox
 Clipping box.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ccOverlayDialog
ccGLWindow * m_associatedWin
 Associated (MDI) window.
bool m_processing
 Running/processing state.
QList< int > m_overriddenKeys
 Overridden keys.

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from ccOverlayDialog
void processFinished (bool accepted)
 Signal emitted when process is finished. More...
void shortcutTriggered (int key)
 Signal emitted when an overridden key shortcut is pressed. More...

Detailed Description

Dialog for managing a clipping box.

Member Function Documentation

bool ccClippingBoxTool::linkWith ( ccGLWindow *  win)

Links the overlay dialog with a MDI window.

Warning: link can't be modified while dialog is displayed/process is running!


Reimplemented from ccOverlayDialog.

bool ccClippingBoxTool::setAssociatedEntity ( ccHObject *  anObject)

Sets the 'clipped' entity.

success, if the entitiy is elligible for clipping
bool ccClippingBoxTool::start ( )

Starts process.


Reimplemented from ccOverlayDialog.

void ccClippingBoxTool::stop ( bool  accepted)

Stops process/dialog.

Automatically emits the 'processFinished' signal (with input state as argument).

acceptedprocess/dialog result

Reimplemented from ccOverlayDialog.

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