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ccColorScaleSelector Class Reference

Advanced editor for color scales. More...

#include <ccColorScaleSelector.h>

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void colorScaleSelected (int)
 Signal emitted when a color scale is selected.
void colorScaleEditorSummoned ()
 Signal emitted when the user clicks on the 'Spawn Color scale editor' button.

Public Member Functions

 ccColorScaleSelector (ccColorScalesManager *manager, QWidget *parent, QString defaultButtonIconPath=QString())
 Default constructor.
void init ()
 Inits selector with the Color Scales Manager.
void setSelectedScale (QString uuid)
 Sets selected combo box item (scale) by UUID.
ccColorScale::Shared getSelectedScale () const
 Returns currently selected color scale.
ccColorScale::Shared getScale (int index) const
 Returns a given color scale by index.

Protected Attributes

ccColorScalesManager * m_manager
 Color scales manager.
QComboBox * m_comboBox
 Color scales combo-box.
QToolButton * m_button
 Spawn color scale editor button.

Detailed Description

Advanced editor for color scales.

Combo-box + shortcut to color scale editor

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