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ccComparisonDlg Class Reference

Dialog for cloud/cloud or cloud/mesh comparison setting. More...

#include <ccComparisonDlg.h>

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Public Types

 Comparison type.

Public Slots

bool compute ()
void applyAndExit ()
void cancelAndExit ()

Public Member Functions

 ccComparisonDlg (ccHObject *compEntity, ccHObject *refEntity, CC_COMPARISON_TYPE cpType, QWidget *parent=0, bool noDisplay=false)
 Default constructor.
 ~ccComparisonDlg ()
 Default destructor.

Protected Slots

void showHisto ()
void split3DCheckboxToggled (bool)
void locaModelChanged (int)

Protected Member Functions

bool isValid ()
bool prepareEntitiesForComparison ()
int computeApproxResults ()
void updateOctreeLevel (double)
int determineBestOctreeLevel (double)
void updateDisplay (bool showSF, bool hideRef)
void clean ()

Protected Attributes

ccHObject * m_compEnt
ccHObject * m_refEnt
CCLib::DgmOctree * m_compOctree
CCLib::DgmOctree * m_refOctree
ccPointCloud * m_compCloud
ccGenericPointCloud * m_refCloud
ccGenericMesh * m_refMesh
QString m_sfName
 last computed scalar field name
bool m_refVisibility
bool m_compSFVisibility
QString m_oldSfName
bool m_currentSFIsDistance
 Whether the current SF is a distance field or not.
bool m_noDisplay
 Whether a display is active (and should be refreshed) or not.

Detailed Description

Dialog for cloud/cloud or cloud/mesh comparison setting.

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