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ccConsole Class Reference

Console. More...

#include <ccConsole.h>

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Public Slots

void refresh ()
 Refreshes console (display all messages still in queue)

Public Member Functions

void setAutoRefresh (bool state)
 Sets auto-refresh state.

Static Public Member Functions

static void Init (QListWidget *textDisplay=0, QWidget *parentWidget=0, MainWindow *parentWindow=0)
 Inits console (and optionaly associates it with a text output widget) More...
static ccConsoleTheInstance ()
 Returns the (unique) static instance.
static void ReleaseInstance ()
 Releases unique instance.

Protected Types

typedef QPair< QString,
MessageLevel > 
 Queue element type (message + color)

Protected Member Functions

 ccConsole ()
 Default constructor. More...
virtual void displayMessage (const QString &message, MessageLevel level)

Protected Attributes

QListWidget * m_textDisplay
 Associated text display widget.
QWidget * m_parentWidget
 Parent widget.
 Parent window (if any)
QMutex m_mutex
 Mutex for concurrent thread access to console.
QVector< ConsoleItemTypem_queue
 Queue for incoming messages.
QTimer m_timer
 Timer for auto-refresh.

Detailed Description


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ccConsole::ccConsole ( )

Default constructor.

Constructor is protected to avoid using this object as a non static class.

Member Function Documentation

void ccConsole::Init ( QListWidget *  textDisplay = 0,
QWidget *  parentWidget = 0,
MainWindow parentWindow = 0 

Inits console (and optionaly associates it with a text output widget)

WARNING: in release mode, no message will be output if no 'textDisplay' widget is defined. Moreover, error messages will only appear in a (blocking) QMessageBox if a 'parentWidget' widget is defined. In debug mode, all message are sent to system console (with 'printf').

textDisplaytext output widget (optional)
parentWidgetparent widget (optional)
parentWindowparent window (if any - optional)

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