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ccDisplayOptionsDlg Class Reference

Dialog to setup display settings. More...

#include <ccDisplayOptionsDlg.h>

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void aspectHasChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 ccDisplayOptionsDlg (QWidget *parent)
 Default constructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetButtonColor (QAbstractButton *button, const QColor &col)
 Sets a button background color. More...
static void SetButtonTextColor (QAbstractButton *button, const QColor &col)
 Sets a button text color. More...

Protected Slots

void changeLightDiffuseColor ()
void changeLightAmbientColor ()
void changeLightSpecularColor ()
void changeMeshFrontDiffuseColor ()
void changeMeshBackDiffuseColor ()
void changeMeshSpecularColor ()
void changePointsColor ()
void changeBBColor ()
void changeTextColor ()
void changeBackgroundColor ()
void changeHistBackgroundColor ()
void changeLabelColor ()
void changeBackgroundGradient ()
void changeMeshDecimation ()
void changeCloudDecimation ()
void changeCrossDisplayed ()
void changeColorScaleShowHistogram ()
void changeColorScaleUseShader ()
void changeColorScaleRampWidth (int)
void changeDefaultFontSize (int)
void changeNumberPrecision (int)
void changeLabelsTransparency (int)
void changeLabelsMarkerSize (int)
void doAccept ()
void doReject ()
void apply ()
void reset ()

Protected Member Functions

void refresh ()
 Refreshes dialog to reflect new parameters values.

Protected Attributes

QColor lightDiffuseColor
QColor lightAmbientColor
QColor lightSpecularColor
QColor meshFrontDiff
QColor meshBackDiff
QColor meshSpecularColor
QColor pointsDefaultCol
QColor textDefaultCol
QColor backgroundCol
QColor histBackgroundCol
QColor labelCol
QColor bbDefaultCol
ccGui::ParamStruct parameters
 Current parameters.
ccGui::ParamStruct oldParameters
 Old parameters (for restore)

Detailed Description

Dialog to setup display settings.

Member Function Documentation

static void ccDisplayOptionsDlg::SetButtonColor ( QAbstractButton *  button,
const QColor &  col 

Sets a button background color.

Support Windows XP style particularity.

void ccDisplayOptionsDlg::SetButtonTextColor ( QAbstractButton *  button,
const QColor &  col 

Sets a button text color.

Support Windows XP style particularity.

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