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ccHeightGridGenerationDlg Class Reference

Height grid generation algorithm dialog. More...

#include <ccHeightGridGenerationDlg.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ccHeightGridGenerationDlg (const ccBBox &gridBBox, QWidget *parent=0)
 Default constructor.
double getGridStep () const
 Returns projection grid step.
bool generateCloud () const
 Returns whether grid should be converted to a cloud.
bool generateCountSF () const
 Returns whether a SF with per-cell count should be generated (only if a cloud is generated!)
bool resampleOriginalCloud () const
 Returns whether the output cloud should use the original cloud or the grid as 'support'.
bool generateImage () const
 Returns whether grid should be converted to an image.
bool generateRaster () const
 Returns whether grid should be converted to a raster.
bool generateASCII () const
 Returns whether grid should be converted to an ASCII file.
unsigned char getProjectionDimension () const
 Returns projection dimension. More...
ccHeightGridGeneration::ProjectionType getTypeOfProjection () const
 Returns type of projection.
ccHeightGridGeneration::ProjectionType getTypeOfSFInterpolation () const
 Returns type of SF interpolation.
ccHeightGridGeneration::EmptyCellFillOption getFillEmptyCellsStrategy () const
 Returns strategy for empty cell filling.
double getCustomHeightForEmptyCells () const
 Returns user defined height for empty cells.
ccBBox getCustomBBox () const
 Returns custom bbox.

Protected Slots

void saveSettings ()
 Save persistent settings and 'accept' dialog.
void projectionChanged (int)
 Slot to handle projection type change.
void toggleFillEmptyCells (bool)
 Updates the "fill empty cells" frame state.
void showGridBoxEditor ()
 Show grid box editor.
void projectionTypeChanged (int)
 Called when the projection type changes.

Protected Member Functions

void loadSettings ()
 Load persistent settings.

Protected Attributes

 Associated dialog.

Detailed Description

Height grid generation algorithm dialog.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned char ccHeightGridGenerationDlg::getProjectionDimension ( ) const

Returns projection dimension.

dimension as int (0: X, 1: Y, 2:Z)

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