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ccMouse3DContextMenu Class Reference

3D mouse context menu More...

#include <ccMouse3DContextMenu.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ccMouse3DContextMenu (Mouse3DParameters *params, ccGLWindow *win, QWidget *parent=0)
 Default constructor.

Protected Slots

void rotationModeToggled (bool)
void panZoomModeToggled (bool)
void lockHorizonToggled (bool)
void dominantModeToggled (bool)
void speedModeChanged ()
void objectModeTriggered ()
void cameraModeTriggered ()
void rotationCenterVisibilityChanged ()

Protected Attributes

QAction * m_rotationMode
 Rotation mode checkable action.
QAction * m_panZoomMode
QAction * m_speedActions [SPEED_ACTION_COUNT]
 Speed control actions (from slowest to fastest)
QAction * m_autoRotationCenter
QAction * m_selectedItemAsRotationCenter
QAction * m_alwaysShowRotationCenter
QAction * m_showRotationCenterOnMotion
QAction * m_alwaysHideRotationCenter
QAction * m_objectMode
QAction * m_cameraMode
QAction * m_lockHorizon
 Lock horizon.
QAction * m_dominantMode
 Dominant mode.
Mouse3DParameters * m_params
 Associated parameters.
ccGLWindow * m_glWindow
 Active GL window.

Static Protected Attributes

static const int SPEED_ACTION_COUNT = 5
 Number of speed control actions.

Detailed Description

3D mouse context menu

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