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ccRegistrationTools Class Reference

Registration tools wrapper. More...

#include <ccRegistrationTools.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool ICP (ccHObject *data, ccHObject *model, ccGLMatrix &transMat, double &finalScale, double &finalError, double minErrorDecrease, unsigned maxIterationCount, unsigned randomSamplingLimit, bool removeFarthestPoints, ConvergenceMethod method, bool adjustScale, bool useDataSFAsWeights=false, bool useModelSFAsWeights=false, QWidget *parent=0)
 Applies ICP registration on two entities. More...

Detailed Description

Registration tools wrapper.

Member Function Documentation

bool ccRegistrationTools::ICP ( ccHObject *  data,
ccHObject *  model,
ccGLMatrix &  transMat,
double &  finalScale,
double &  finalError,
double  minErrorDecrease,
unsigned  maxIterationCount,
unsigned  randomSamplingLimit,
bool  removeFarthestPoints,
ConvergenceMethod  method,
bool  adjustScale,
bool  useDataSFAsWeights = false,
bool  useModelSFAsWeights = false,
QWidget *  parent = 0 

Applies ICP registration on two entities.

Automatically samples points on meshes if necessary (see code for magic numbers ;)

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