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ccColorRampShader Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ccColorRampShader ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~ccColorRampShader ()
bool setup (float minSatRel, float maxSatRel, unsigned colorSteps, const ccColorScale::Shared &colorScale)
 Setups shader. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static GLint MinRequiredBytes ()
 Returns the minimum memory required on the shader side. More...

Member Function Documentation

static GLint ccColorRampShader::MinRequiredBytes ( )

Returns the minimum memory required on the shader side.


bool ccColorRampShader::setup ( float  minSatRel,
float  maxSatRel,
unsigned  colorSteps,
const ccColorScale::Shared colorScale 

Setups shader.

Shader must have already been stared!

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