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ccColorScalesManager Class Reference

Color scales manager/container. More...

#include <ccColorScalesManager.h>

Public Types

  BGYR = 0, GREY = 1, BWR = 2, RY = 3,
  RW = 4, ABS_NORM_GREY = 5, HSV_360_DEG = 6
 Pre-defined color scales (all relative - i.e. expand to actual SF) More...
typedef QMap< QString,
 Color scales map type.

Public Member Functions

virtual ~ccColorScalesManager ()
ccColorScale::Shared getDefaultScale (DEFAULT_SCALES scale)
 Returns a pre-defined color scale.
ccColorScale::Shared getScale (QString UUID) const
 Returns a color scale based on its UUID.
void addScale (ccColorScale::Shared scale)
 Adds a new color scale.
void removeScale (QString UUID)
 Removes a color scale. More...
ScalesMapmap ()
 Access to the internal map.
const ScalesMapmap () const
 Access to the internal map (const)
void fromPersistentSettings ()
 Loads custom color scales from persistent settings.
void toPersistentSettings () const
 Save custom color scales to persistent settings.

Static Public Member Functions

static ccColorScalesManagerGetUniqueInstance ()
 Returns unique instance.
static void ReleaseUniqueInstance ()
 Releases unique instance.
static QString GetDefaultScaleUUID (int scale)
 Returns a pre-defined color scale UUID.
static ccColorScale::Shared GetDefaultScale (DEFAULT_SCALES scale=BGYR)
 Returns a pre-defined color scale (static shortcut)

Protected Member Functions

 ccColorScalesManager ()
 Default constructor.

Static Protected Member Functions

static ccColorScale::Shared Create (DEFAULT_SCALES scaleType)
 Creates a pre-defined color scale.

Protected Attributes

ScalesMap m_scales
 Color scales.

Detailed Description

Color scales manager/container.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Pre-defined color scales (all relative - i.e. expand to actual SF)


Blue-Green-Yellow-Red ramp (default for distances display)


Grey ramp (default for Global Illumination)


Blue-White-Red ramp (for signed SF)


Red-Yellow ramp


Red-White ramp


Absolute normalized grey ramp (intensities between 0 and 1)


HSV colors between 0 and 360 degrees

Member Function Documentation

void ccColorScalesManager::removeScale ( QString  UUID)

Removes a color scale.

Warning: can't remove default scales!

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