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ccCameraSensor::IntrinsicParameters Struct Reference

Intrinsic parameters of the camera sensor. More...

#include <ccCameraSensor.h>

Public Attributes

float focalLength
float pixelSize [2]
float skew
float vFieldOfView
float zBoundary [2]
int imageSize [2]

Detailed Description

Intrinsic parameters of the camera sensor.

Member Data Documentation

float ccCameraSensor::IntrinsicParameters::focalLength

focal length

int ccCameraSensor::IntrinsicParameters::imageSize[2]

imageSize[0]=width ; imageSize[1]=height

float ccCameraSensor::IntrinsicParameters::pixelSize[2]

real dimension of one pixel (in meters)

float ccCameraSensor::IntrinsicParameters::skew


float ccCameraSensor::IntrinsicParameters::vFieldOfView

vertical field of view (in Radians)

float ccCameraSensor::IntrinsicParameters::zBoundary[2]

zBoundary[0]=zNear ; zBoundary[1]=zFar

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