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ccMaterial Struct Reference

Mesh (triangle) material. More...

#include <ccMaterial.h>

Public Member Functions

 ccMaterial (QString name=QString("default"))
 Default constructor.
 ccMaterial (const ccMaterial &mtl)
 Copy constructor.
void setDiffuse (const float color[4])
 Sets diffuse color (both front and back)
void setShininess (float val)
 Sets shininess (both front - 100% - and back - 80%)
void setTransparency (float val)
 Sets transparency (all colors)
void applyGL (bool lightEnabled, bool skipDiffuse) const
 Apply parameters (OpenGL)

Public Attributes

QString name
QImage texture
float diffuseFront [4]
float diffuseBack [4]
float ambient [4]
float specular [4]
float emission [4]
float shininessFront
float shininessBack
unsigned texID

Detailed Description

Mesh (triangle) material.

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