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ccScalarField::Range Struct Reference

Range structure. More...

#include <ccScalarField.h>

Public Member Functions

 Range ()
 Default constructor.
ScalarType min () const
ScalarType start () const
ScalarType stop () const
ScalarType max () const
ScalarType range () const
ScalarType maxRange () const
void setBounds (ScalarType minVal, ScalarType maxVal, bool resetStartStop=true)
void setStart (ScalarType value)
void setStop (ScalarType value)
ScalarType inbound (ScalarType val) const
 Returns the nearest inbound value.
bool isInbound (ScalarType val) const
 Returns whether a value is inbound or not.
bool isInRange (ScalarType val) const
 Returns whether a value is inside range or not.

Protected Member Functions

void updateRange ()
 Updates actual range.

Protected Attributes

ScalarType m_min
ScalarType m_start
ScalarType m_stop
ScalarType m_max
ScalarType m_range

Detailed Description

Range structure.

Member Data Documentation

ScalarType ccScalarField::Range::m_max

Minimum value

ScalarType ccScalarField::Range::m_min

Minimum value

ScalarType ccScalarField::Range::m_range

Actual range: start-stop (but can't be ZERO!)

ScalarType ccScalarField::Range::m_start

Current start value (in [min,max])

ScalarType ccScalarField::Range::m_stop

Current stop value (in [min,max])

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