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glDrawContext Struct Reference

Display context. More...

#include <ccDrawableObject.h>

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Public Attributes

uint16_t flags
 Drawing options (see below)
int glW
 GL screen width.
int glH
 GL screen height.
 Corresponding GL window.
float renderZoom
 Current zoom (screen to file rendering mode)
ccMaterial defaultMat
 Default material.
float defaultMeshFrontDiff [4]
 Default color for mesh (front side)
float defaultMeshBackDiff [4]
 Default color for mesh (back side)
unsigned char pointsDefaultCol [3]
 Default point color.
unsigned char textDefaultCol [3]
 Default text color.
unsigned char labelDefaultCol [3]
 Default label color.
unsigned char bbDefaultCol [3]
 Default bounding-box color.
bool decimateCloudOnMove
 Whether to decimate big clouds when rotating the camera.
bool decimateMeshOnMove
 Whether to decimate big meshes when rotating the camera.
 Currently displayed color scale (the corresponding scalar field in fact)
 Shader for fast dynamic color ramp lookup.
float pickedPointsRadius
 Picked points radius.
float pickedPointsTextShift
 Picked points shift for label display.
unsigned dispNumberPrecision
 Numerical precision (for displaying text)
unsigned labelsTransparency
 Label background transparency.
GLenum sourceBlend
 Blending strategy (source)
GLenum destBlend
 Blending strategy (destination)

Detailed Description

Display context.

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