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ccGui::ParamStruct Struct Reference

GUI parameters. More...

#include <ccGuiParameters.h>

Public Member Functions

 ParamStruct ()
 Default constructor.
ParamStructoperator= (const ParamStruct &params)
 Copy operator.
void reset ()
 Resets parameters to default values.
void fromPersistentSettings ()
 Loads from persistent DB.
void toPersistentSettings () const
 Saves to persistent DB.
bool isInPersistentSettings (QString paramName) const
 Returns whether a given parameter is already defined in persistent settings or not. More...

Public Attributes

float lightDiffuseColor [4]
 Light diffuse color (RGBA)
float lightAmbientColor [4]
 Light ambient color (RGBA)
float lightSpecularColor [4]
 Light specular color (RGBA)
float meshFrontDiff [4]
 Default mesh diffuse color (front)
float meshBackDiff [4]
 Default mesh diffuse color (back)
float meshSpecular [4]
 Default mesh specular color.
unsigned char textDefaultCol [3]
 Default text color.
unsigned char pointsDefaultCol [3]
 Default 3D points color.
unsigned char backgroundCol [3]
 Background color.
unsigned char histBackgroundCol [3]
 Histogram background color.
unsigned char labelCol [3]
 Labels color.
unsigned char bbDefaultCol [3]
 Bounding-boxes color.
bool drawBackgroundGradient
 Use background gradient.
bool decimateMeshOnMove
 Decimate meshes when moved.
bool decimateCloudOnMove
 Decimate clouds when moved.
bool displayCross
 Display cross in the middle of the screen.
unsigned pickedPointsSize
 Picked points size.
bool colorScaleShowHistogram
 Color scale option: show histogram next to color ramp.
bool colorScaleUseShader
 Whether to use shader for color scale display (if available) or not.
bool colorScaleShaderSupported
 Whether shader for color scale display is available or not.
unsigned colorScaleRampWidth
 Color scale ramp width (for display)
unsigned defaultFontSize
 Default displayed font size.
unsigned displayedNumPrecision
 Displayed numbers precision.
unsigned labelsTransparency
 Labels transparency.

Detailed Description

GUI parameters.

Member Function Documentation

bool ccGui::ParamStruct::isInPersistentSettings ( QString  paramName) const

Returns whether a given parameter is already defined in persistent settings or not.

paramNamethe corresponding attribute name

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