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AsciiOpenDlg Class Reference

Dialog for configuration of ASCII files opening sequence. More...

#include <AsciiOpenDlg.h>

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struct  SequenceItem
 ASCII open sequence item. More...

Public Types

typedef std::vector< SequenceItemSequence
 ASCII open sequence.

Public Slots

void updateTable (const QString &separator)

Public Member Functions

 AsciiOpenDlg (QString filename, QWidget *parent=0)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~AsciiOpenDlg ()
 Default destructor.
Sequence getOpenSequence ()
 Returns the whole "opening" sequence as set by the user.
unsigned getSkippedLinesCount () const
 Returns number of lines to skip.
uchar getSeparator () const
 Returns user selected separator.
double getAverageLineSize () const
 Returns roughly estimated average line size (in bytes)
unsigned getColumnsCount () const
 Returns columns count per line.
unsigned getMaxCloudSize () const
 Returns the max number of points per cloud.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CheckOpenSequence (const Sequence &sequence, QString &errorMessage)
 Checks the "opening" sequence as set by the user. More...

Protected Slots

void testBeforeAccept ()
void setSkippedLines (int linesCount)
void columnsTypeHasChanged (int index)
void shortcutButtonPressed ()
void checkSelectedColumnsValidity ()

Protected Attributes

Ui_AsciiOpenDialog * m_ui
unsigned m_skippedLines
QChar m_separator
double m_averageLineSize
QString m_filename
QString m_headerLine
std::vector< bool > m_columnsValidty
 Identifies columns with numbers only [mandatory].
unsigned m_columnsCount

Detailed Description

Dialog for configuration of ASCII files opening sequence.

Member Function Documentation

bool AsciiOpenDlg::CheckOpenSequence ( const Sequence sequence,
QString &  errorMessage 

Checks the "opening" sequence as set by the user.

validity (+ error message if not)

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