Simple graph plotting one scalar against the other

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Simple graph plotting one scalar against the other

Postby Dimitri » Fri May 05, 2017 1:35 pm


it would be very interesting to directly be able to plot a graph for a point cloud with:
. in abscissa: a scalar to be chosen
. in ordinate: a scalar to be chosen
. simply use points for display (maybe with an option for dynamic random subsampling to limit the number of points do display ?) and the usual option to export it as a graph ?
. and maybe the option for log scale on each axis ?

A GUI like the one for arithmetics on scalar fields should do the trick to select the 2 scalars.

you could do simple plots of...M3C2 distance as a function of elevation, roughness as a function of point density, slope as a function of intensity etc...
It's very easy to do it outside CC, but you have very often to save a "heavy" ascii file when you have many, many scalar fields, and you lose some time. In particular, when teaching, it would be super useful.

But maybe this is opening the pandora box to people requesting additional features for in-CC analysis of scalar fields ;-) (fitting etc...)



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