qCANUPO (classifier files, etc.)

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Re: qCANUPO (classifier files, etc.)

Postby Dimitri » Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:19 pm


indeed Canupo only uses geometric informations at various scales (our team is working on a more generic version using any kind of attribute, including intensity, but it's not ready yet). I've already used Canupo to roughly classify rock outcrop separating gravel beds from loess material (I've a background in geology), but if you're looking at classifying layers which are relatively fine with little difference in roughness, there's one limitation with Canupo right now that is it computes neighborhood within spheres....given that you're interested in layers, it would be probably much more efficient to use a neighborhood search that would be perpendicular to the layering so that you don't polute the classifiers with geometric features computing for neighboring layers (i.e. a kind of ellipsoidal neighborhood search or even a cylinder). Not necessarily too difficult to implement, but as always, it means time to implement and test that we don't have right now.

But it's good to know that Canupo is useful for you to remove vegetation from outcrops.

Dimitri Lague

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Re: qCANUPO (classifier files, etc.)

Postby bluehorizon » Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:48 am

uasghar wrote:Daniel and Dimitri,

I've been able to improve my classifier so that now I over 90% of the ground points in the toe part (as mentioned in previous comment) get classified into bare earth. I should thank you guys again for creating something like this and making it opensource.

The next step for me is to fill the holes left by tress and buildings in my model after classification. Could you please point me towards any opensource software/plugin for that? I'll really appreciate an earliest response.



Hi Umair,

How were you able to improve your classifier so that more of the steep land gets correctly classified as land and not vegetation? I am in a similar situation where chunks of steep cliffs are being classified as vegetation. I've been trying various combinations of scales as well as different classifiers (cliffs vs. vegetation, cliffs vs. flat land, etc.), and nothing seems to be doing the trick.

Thank you!

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