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Translation / Localization

Postby daniel » Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:07 pm

I've setup a very early support for 'localization'. It will be enhanced over time.

Translation files

You'll find in some files to start translating CloudCompare in any language.

The base '.ts' file for your language can be generated with a call to the 'call_lrelease.bat' script. I've already done it for French and Chinese.

If other languages are required, simply edit the scripts 'call_lrelease.bat' and 'call_lupdate.bat' (their content is pretty straightforward). Don't forget to drop a message in this thread so that other users know which languages are currently translated.


Translation is done with Qt Linguist (see the documentation here: Simply install the latest version of Qt to get it (you'll found linguist.exe in the 'bin' folder).

Then simply open the right '.ts' file in Qt Linguist and you can start the translation job!
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Start by the 'MainWindow' component (this is the main GUI of CloudCompare). You can easily see how the work progresses (see below).

Releasing / testing

Once done or any time you want to test the result for real, you have to 'release' the translation file (use the 'File > Release' menu). This will generate a '.qm' file next to the original '.ts' file. This file must then be copied into the '/tr' folder next to CloudCompare's executable.

For now you have to specify to CC the right translation file to use via the command line. Later this will be done in the main configuration dialog.

For instance for Chinese language:

Code: Select all

CloudCompare -lang tr/translation_chinese.qm

I've added some shortcut batch files for French and Chinese ('start_french.bat' and 'start_chinese.bat').

You will need the latest 2.6.3.beta release of CloudCompare (edit: it's online now). For now only the dialog texts can be translated. We still need to update all the in-code strings.

Sharing the result

Once the translation job is done, don't forget to share the result!

Either send me the '.ts' translation file by email or make a 'Pull request' on github.
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