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ccShiftAndScaleCloudDlg Class Reference

Dialog for selection of cloud center. More...

#include <ccShiftAndScaleCloudDlg.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ccShiftAndScaleCloudDlg (const double *P, double diagonal=0.0, QWidget *parent=0)
 Default constructor. More...
void setShift (const CCVector3d &shift)
 Sets displayed shift.
CCVector3d getShift () const
 Returns shift.
void setScale (double scale)
 Sets displayed scale.
double getScale () const
 Returns scale.
void showWarning (bool state)
 Whether to show or not the warning about non pertinent shift information.
bool applyAll () const
 Whether shift should be applied to all files.
void showScaleItems (bool state)
 Whether to show dialog items related to scale.

Protected Slots

void useLastInfo ()
 Loads last shift and/or scale info.
void onClick (QAbstractButton *button)
 Analyzes the clicked button.

Protected Attributes

bool m_applyAll
 Whether shift should be applied to all files.

Detailed Description

Dialog for selection of cloud center.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ccShiftAndScaleCloudDlg::ccShiftAndScaleCloudDlg ( const double *  P,
double  diagonal = 0.0,
QWidget *  parent = 0 

Default constructor.

Pfirst point position
diagonalcloud bounding box diagonal (or 0 to ignore)
parentmother widget

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